Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?

Welcome to the world of Telepathic Animal Communication.  This is a very exciting place for me to be using my talents.  I enjoy helping animals and their people.

Telepathic Animal Communication is done with an open mind and makes a heart-to-heart connection.  Not only are animals sentient beings, they are our companions, teachers and healers.  They usually have lots to share with us; we just need to "listen".  When I "listen" to your animals, I get information in different ways.  They show me pictures, or streaming videos.  Sometimes I have to take dictation as they have so much to say.  Sometimes I feel their emotions, and physical distress.  

Animal Communication is the ability to telepathically connect with a being of another species and literally communicate with them using images, feelings, thoughts, emotions and even words. Communication with the animal kingdom is a very natural skill.  Everyone does it to some extent. How good we are at it depends on how good we learn to “listen" and trust. Quieting our mind is the biggest challenge.  It's much like developing the skills of listening to our own inner voice.    For many of us, this is an unfamiliar place.  We must practice and trust what we are hearing the animal, trust our feelings, and share what we are seeing.  Communicating with an animal is different than using your intuition.  You don't have to intuit information about the animal, instead, we just ask them and listen for their response.

Telepathic Communications happen at the level of feelings and thoughts.   You could liken animal communication to the way a baby communicates with his or her mother. No words are spoken, yet most mothers know exactly how their child is feeling and what the baby’s  needs are.

Our domesticated animals have become so much a part of our lives, that they in many cases, become mirrors for what is happening in our lives.  They try to help us.   They can pick up our feelings and sometimes our illnesses.   Yes, our animals can know how we feel and want to help us!  If we watch how they act, we will many times see our own feelings and actions being reflected back to us.  They are our mirrors.

Our animals can also pick up our mental thoughts and  intentions.   Have you ever wondered how does the cat know to hide before we get out the cat carrier for the trip to the vet?  They know our habits, and they hear or know our thoughts.

When you meet someone who does not speak English, you don’t assume he can’t speak or communicate.   If you want to communicate with that person, you either learn his language or get an interpreter.  If you need help interpreting what your animal is trying to communicate to you, let me  help you. 


Dr. Lea & Prince
Wichita, Kansas

Allow me to use my innate listening skills to help you communicate with your animal companions. 

Direct Communication can:
  • Provide guidance and insight related to physical illnesses and injuries.
  • Provide help in finding solutions related to puzzling or seemingly inappropriate animal behaviors. 
  • Provide communication  and clarification surrounding those end of life issues.
  • Provide information and guidance when nothing else seems to be working.



This is my process...

As an Animal Communicator I can be of assistance when there are challenges facing you and your animal companions.

I can work with you in several different ways.  Some issues or questions can be  answered easily on a live real time conversation. 

More complicated issues would require more time  communicating with your companion to ask all of your questions, negotiate or work out the related problems.  In these cases, I work in three steps:
1. Intake of information from you. The Client Intake form is at the bottom of the Consultation page. (scroll down)

2. I sit in silence to Communicate with your animal, and ask all of your questions  and get information about the issues from the animal's perspective.

3. We wrap it up with the Phone Consultation.  This is to impart the information from the animal to you.

4.  You can book a consultation by clicking here to go to the Consultation page. 

     Dr. Lea & Shaz very relaxed

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