Animal Communication Consultations and Reiki Sessions:

If you have booked  a consultation or Reiki session before, then you know the drill. If this is your first time to book an Animal Communication Consultation or Reiki Session, then take a look at your choices below.   Pay Pal Buttons are in Chart below.


Regular Animal Communication Consultation:

This style of consultation is best for issues requiring more time and introspection and in-depth communication with multiple questions for your animal. 

Five Easy Steps
1.  Fill out and submit the Intake Questionnaire at bottom of this page.
2.  Send me a picture of your animal to:
3.  We will then contact you by e-mail or phone to schedule an appointment time for the phone consultation.
4.  I will telepathically communicate with your animal. This is done “long distance.”
5.  At the appointed time you will phone me for your consultation.  

                  One Hour Phone Consultation  $90.00


Live Real Time Phone Consultations:

This type of consultation is not for in-depth issues. This is more for Emergency situations or issues that cannot wait a few days for me to do an in-depth  communication with your animal. 

Availability of these appointments depends on my schedule, but I will always do my best to be available when there is an emergency.

             Thirty Minutes                                $60.00              

             Forty-Five Minutes                         $80.00

             Sixty Minutes                                   $90.00 


Holistic Care Consultation & Reiki Treatment:

Small Domestic Animal Sessions:
Bring your small animal  to me in Burbank for a Holistic Care consultation and Reiki treatment:

                                                                        $50.00 per animal for 30 minutes  
                                                                        $65.00 per animal for 60 minutes   

I will make a House Call  to your location for small animals:
         Local within 20 miles of Burbank      $65.00 per animal for 30 min
         Within 50 miles of Burbank                $85.00 per animal for 30 min

Equine Sessions:

        House Call—Local  Within 10 Miles     $100.00 per hour
                                         From Burbank

        House Call—Within 50 miles                $150.00 per hour
                                From Burbank

* Rates are subject to change, and I will work with you to make sure your animals can receive the help they need.    Multiple sessions may be required for best results.  I will work with you to make sure the sessions are as affordable as possible.   

*  In order to establish a business relationship with a first-time client, payment must be received prior to the day of the  consultation or session.   Click on Pay Pal choice below to book your session now.

          Book your Communication Consultation
or Reiki Session

                                    Cost of Session 
              Pay Pal Button 

Regular Phone Animal Communication Consultation


Live Real Time Animal Communication Consultation

 30 Minutes


45 Minutes



 60 Minutes


Reiki Sessions
for Small Domestic Animals

      In Dr. Lea's Home              30 Minutes  


      In Dr. Lea's Home               60 Minutes

      House Call within 20 miles     30 Minutes  (Small Animal Only)


     House Call within 20 miles     60 Minutes   (Small Animal Only)

Reiki Sessions for Humans 
     In Dr. Lea's Home                  60 Minutes

Equine Reiki Sessions


      House Call within 10 miles

 $100.00 per hour


      House Call within 50 miles

 $150.00 per hour


Client Intake Questionnaire:

Please complete the information below and click on the submit button.   This information will help me get to know your animal and what the current situation and needs are. 

(Boxes will scroll to hold all of your information.)

Your Name:
Home Address where animal lives: 
Best phone number for contact:
E-mail address:
Referred by:
Name of animal:
Age of animal:
Sex of animal:
Breed of animal:
Color of animal's eyes:
Animal's coloring and special markings:
Does your animal wear a collar?
Where does your animal live most of the day?
Where did you get your animal?
How long have you had the animal in your home?
Is the animal dog / cat friendly?
Is the animal people friendly?
Is the current situation urgent?
Is the animal under Veterinary care?  (Please give details.)                          
Specific nature of problem and all questions you want to ask your animal:
(Text Box will expand to hold all of the questions you have or comments you
want to make.)
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