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Reiki Testimonial from Carla of Studio City: 
On April 29, 2006 my senior Springer, Jasmine and I were at a Springer Rescue event.  Off to the side of the  main area was a small tent with a massage table and a very relaxed looking dog getting a hands-on treatment of some kind.  We came closer and read the sign that explained that Lea Alexander was a Reiki Master as was offering short treatments for the benefit of your dog AND the Springer Rescue.  Those were two offers we couldn’t refuse.
Jasmine was a Springer with a mind of her own, so I wasn’t quite sure how she’d take to being up on a table, touched by a stranger.  I needn’t have worried.  She took to it like a Retriever to a tennis ball.  She LOVED it!  As importantly, it really seemed to help her stiffness and give her a renewed boost of energy.
We were impressed.  I subsequently asked Lea to come to  our house to work with Jazzy.  At that time she came about every other week.  I noticed a difference.  My husband, the skeptic, noticed a difference.  The dog walker, who didn’t know about the treatments, commented on Jasmine’s energy and strength, and so did the Vet!!!
The Reiki process is a mysterious one to me, but the healing energy that’s transmitted was amazingly effective.  Jasmine had an easier time walking.  Her energy seemed brighter, and she really enjoyed the sessions.  It usually was a day or two after the treatment that we’d see the most dramatic affect.
As I mentioned, Jasmine was a senior girl.  December 3, 2006 she had a seizure, whether it was a stroke or convulsive reaction to some medication we’ll never know for sure.  She was significantly impaired both cognitively and physically.  She was also at her core a very determined girl.  She was not ready to leave.  Among the most important things we did for her was to have Lea come every week to give Jasmine her Reiki energy.  She made significant recovery in a short time.  Jasmine eventually made her transition in July 2007, but we are convinced that the weekly Reiki sessions with Lea made Jasmine’s last months with us, the best possible. 
Thank you Lea!

 Jasmine, Carla & Dr. Lea 2006


My ability to connect at the heart level and communicate with the animal helps pet guardians understand what their pet’s thoughts and needs are during illness.   It also helps us know what to expect when the inevitable death occurs.  My ability to communicate with the animal after death is helpful during the person's time of grief.

Testimonial from Maria of San Jose:

Dr. Lea's expertise helped me to understand Mr. Neelix's attitude problem. He was leaving presents all over the house. He communicated to her his needs and my husband and I have been able to make changes for him. Dr. Lea has communicated many times to Neelix; he knows her now and welcomes the opportunity to tell her what he needs from his Mommy. I can recommend Dr. Lea with confidence.
Rev. Maria, San Jose, CA


“Lea’s incredible sense of compassion and connectivity for both Pippin & me brought relief and a confirmation that I am not getting in Pippin’s way or letting her down.  The session with Lea was a great comfort to both me and Pippin.  The value of that comfort is immeasurable in the face of this inevitable, enormous loss”.  
Thank you!,


Pippen in her prime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Animal Communication work?

Animal Communication works on the Telepathic level of Communication.  It is a form of intuition that comes naturally between the sender and the receiver.  Humans have for the most part turned off that part of our intuitive listening skills. 
I’m sure you have had an experience where you have been thinking of someone and all of a sudden the phone rings, and it is that person.  Who was the sender and who was the receiver?  Who made that telepathic connection first?  It doesn’t really matter. The point is, you both were thinking about each other, and reached out to make that connection.  It is the same way with animals. 
Animals have thoughts and can send their thoughts and feelings to anyone willing to connect with them on that subtle level. 

How do you know you are talking to my animal?

It  could be easy to just think I’m making things up in my own mind, until I share information with a pet’s guardian.  Many times I’ve been given information from the animal that only he or she would know.   When I relay the information to the guardians, they can be somewhat surprised.  But don’t worry, animals will only share information with me that is pertinent to the situation.  When we finish the consultation process, there will be no doubt that I was communicating with the right animal, your companion! 
Using a picture of the animal  is a helpful tool.   It allows me to “tune into” your animals energy frequency.  I like to use pictures of the animal for complicated issues, but there are many times that the picture isn’t necessary. 

Are you a “Pet Psychic?”

No, I’m not a pet psychic.  I don’t read or tell your animals future.  I communicate with them by having conversations with them.  They show me pictures and tell me their emotions.  They share their frustrations with me.  They tell me where they have pain.  They give me messages for you. 
One animal I worked with recently had kidney failure and was refusing to make his transition until he could deliver his message to his “Mom.”   Once his message was delivered, he was ready to leave the pain of this physical body because he knew his Mom had gotten his message and she would be all right. 

Can you communicate with animals who have passed on?

Yes, I have communicated with many animals who are either in the process of dying or  who have already passed on.  In fact some of my most rewarding experiences have been working with animals who have messages that they want to deliver to their person.  And of course that goes both ways.  Many times we need to bring closure to our grieving process, and this is an excellent way to facilitate that.   We can also open the  Akashic Records to help us get information we are seeking.

Does an animal ever not want to talk with you?

Yes, this happens on occasion.  Maybe the animal is preoccupied or sleeping, or perhaps feeling too poorly at the moment.  When this happens I just let them know I will return later and we can continue our conversation at that time. 
There have also been times when a behavior issue is stopping the animal from cooperating on all levels.  However with some persistence on my part and an explanation as to how this conversation will benefit the animal, they usually come around and we can have our conversation and do our problem solving.

Do animals have a spiritual life?

Yes, animals have a very vibrant spiritual life.  They are here on this earth plane for their own soul evolution just as we are.   Many times their spiritual goal or purpose is related to their activities in your life. Many times this is not your first life time together.  There are times when accessing the Akashic Records we can obtain information that will help one or both of you understand a certain life lesson.    Ask Dr. Lea if an Akashic Records reading would be appropriate for you and your animal. 

Do you have to be with my animal for Reiki or to Communicate? 

No, both of these techniques can be done long distance.  A picture is helpful to me, but not always necessary.   



Dear Lea~
Thank You so Much for speaking with my boy DILLON and relieving his worries and letting me know what's on his mind.  It's a miraculous gift that you provide!  All blessings & happiness to you.  Will look forward to speaking with you again!  Love Nancy

Nancy & Dillon of Mill Valley, CA

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