Holistic Care

I have practiced various energetic “hands-on-healing” techniques since the 1970’s. I utilize all of my various skills to provide a unique combination of touch therapies to help animals and their people.

One of the most effective techniques that animals respond to is Reiki.  I've been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 1996 with an active Reiki practice offering Reiki sessions for humans and animals .  I teach Reiki classes for the healing of animals and their people.

I am dedicated to helping our animal companions heal on all levels; spiritual, mental, emotional as well as on the physical level.  I have found that animals love the Healing Touch, Body Balancing techniques and Reiki Energy.  It helps to support their entire body and energy systems.    They respond very quickly to this holistic type of treatment, and it works to enhance all veterinary care.  

As you can see from the pictures on this page animals relax very deeply when they receive Reiki.

Pendragon very relaxed
during a Reiki session.

Mugsy,  sound asleep during Reiki session.

What is Reiki?

The System of Reiki comes from Japan and the word Reiki
(pronounced ray-key) can be translated to mean “spiritual energy ” or "soul energy." In Japan the word Reiki refers to that transcendent life force energy.  In the West it is used to define both the spiritual energy itself and a system or teaching which was designed by Mikao Usui (1865-1926).  While Reiki is not a religion, it  can be a Spiritual journey for the practitioner, and for the client, it is a non-invasive complementary or alternative therapy that promotes and supports the body’s own healing abilities by strengthening and balancing the flow of its energy systems.  Thus, allowing the body to heal itself. 

Along with Therapeutic and Healing Touch, Reiki is one of the most commonly used energy healing modalities being incorporated into integrative medical programs today in hospitals and veterinary practices across the country.  There are many hospitals with Reiki programs  in their oncology departments. 
Dr. Mehmet Oz uses Reiki on his patients in hospitals as pre and post surgical care to accelerate healing.   To quote Dr. Oz, "Reiki, Touch Therapy and prayer are all energy, and the next big frontier is Energy Medicine."

While I’m trained in many holistic energetic techniques and have many techniques that I use on different occasions, the technique I use the most is Reiki.   The healing takes place on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki is both powerful and gentle and can be used as an aid in treating any type of illness for animals and their people.  Using Reiki on a regular basis keeps our bodies and our animals' bodies in a vital state of balance and optimum health.                   

Reiki can be used alone or as a complementary therapy along with traditional western and veterinary medicine.  Reiki will never interfere with any other treatments your animal is receiving. And it should never be considered a replacement for medical care or veterinarian treatment but it will support the body and allow healing to take place at its deepest possible  levels. Reiki is very subtle and results many times show in very subtle ways.  Then, sometimes results are very dramatic and show very quickly. I tell  clients the best results are normally noticed within twenty four to forty eight hours.  

The roots of Reiki lie in  ancient Eastern beliefs and practices  and were reorganized into a modern day practice by a Japanese teacher, Mikao Usui, in the 1920’s. Reiki was brought to Hawaii by Mrs. Hawayo Takata in the late 30’s before World War II.  Mrs. Takata westernized Reiki to be acceptable to the post-war world of her time. Meaning that a lot of the original meanings and practices were not taught to Western students.  Between 1970 and her transition on December 11, 1980, Mrs. Takata initiated  twenty-two Reiki Masters.  After her passing, Reiki was then revitalized in the mid 80’s and made available to many more people through the efforts of many great teachers and authors such as Frank Arjava Petter , William Rand and Frans & Bronwen Stiene to name a few.   Today Reiki has come full circle with more information now available about the original teachings directly from Japan. Many teachers are returning to the original  practices and teachings of Reiki.  There are thousands of Reiki practitioners all over the world with many styles and schools of Reiki. 


Reiki for Animals

Offering Reiki to our animal companions is a natural extension for the original system of Reiki.  Animals can absolutely be treated and comforted with Reiki energy. No one knows exactly what an animal experiences during a Reiki session, but something in them seems to let go and relax. They normally will become very still and seem to sense that something very special is taking place, and gratefully take the energy in.  Many animals go to sleep and are completely relaxed. 

Animals respond very well to Reiki, and just like humans, Reiki can be used for all types of illnesses, injuries and emotional problems. Reiki can accelerate the healing process for animals, ease pain, and improve or help to continue their quality of life.

The healing principles of Reiki are the same whether you are treating a person or an animal. A treatment can be given in person or long distance. 

Reiki can delay the onset and progression of certain conditions and diseases in animals, and can energize and revitalize older animals. For dying animals, Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from pain, and anxiety, and to ease the animals transition into spirit.

Reiki practitioners know that Reiki affects body, spirit and soul, and as such it is very good to use on pets with behavior problems or those with signs of abuse.  Once they feel the Reiki energy they tend to calm down, sometimes very quickly. Behavior patterns can then be addressed.

Pets, especially cats and dogs, will usually lay down during the Reiki session for as long as they need the healing. When they've had enough they usually will stand up or move away.   Horses also truly enjoy the Reiki session and show signs of relaxation and stress release by lowering their head and  neck.   Their eyes are very relaxed, glassy or closed. 

Generally animals like being touched and will enjoy the Reiki Sessions.  I’d love to be of assistance to you and your animal companions.  Just drop me an e-mail. 

Benefits of Reiki for Animals
  • Reiki accelerates the natural healing process and is helpful in increasing the effectiveness of other therapies traditional or otherwise.

  • Detoxifies the body and increase circulation

  • Increases energy, stamina, mental clarity and focus

  • Relaxes mind and body, thus relieving stress

  • Balances the body's energy systems

  • Relieves stress due to emotional upsets and trauma

  • Relieves physical pain of all kinds

  • Aids in digestion

  • Speeds up the absorption of medication, sometimes resulting in the need for less medication

  • Facilitates all aspects of surgical procedures, including pre- and post-operative care

  • Clears negativity and be used to release negative or counter-productive behaviors.

  • Enhances positive and desired behaviors

And last but not least
It will work very well for animals due to the fact that they have no pre-conceived beliefs and are very accepting of the energy because it helps them!

At a recent Best Friends Event,  I set up a Reiki booth and gave Reiki to animals and their humans.  The Cocker Spaniel  was getting energized for his agility trial.  

Many times people want to see “proof” that the healing energies exist.   The pictures (below) of Caruso were taken before and after a Reiki healing session was done on his hip.  While I was giving  him Reiki, he told me that his trainer was giving him a strong correction when she wanted him to cantor to his left and that this was putting pressure on his hip, causing him discomfort. He assured me he knew what to do and that the direction from the trainer didn't need to be as strong.  Of course I related this information to his trainer.

After this healing session with Caruso, his trainer reported that he was making the left turns on his own. She was not forcing him into the left cantor turns, and his hip was no longer bothering him.  


                                  Before Reiki Treatment                                       After Reiki Treatment

In the picture above (right) you can see little balls of Light.  It almost appears to be snowing in the picture.  I assure you it wasn’t.  These balls of Light are called Spirit Orbs or Angel Orbs.  They are appearing more and more in digital pictures .  It seems that these  Beings of Light are attracted to the Love and Healing Energies that come through during a Reiki session.   I’m delighted to be able to share these pictures with you, especially if you are needing “proof” that these Holistic Energy Techniques are real and have an effect in our physical world. 

This picture was taken with a digital Canon Power Shot camera, and has not been altered in any way.

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