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Dr. Lea Alexander
ome to my website and the wonderful world of Holistic Animal Care and Animal Communication.                                                                   

As a professional Animal Wellness Consultant, I have had the privilege of working with some amazing animals and their people to help restore their health and emotional balance in simple yet effective ways.  I have devoted a large part of my career to working with animals, and am excited about this opportunity to share some of my experience with you.

Joining the Holistic Energy techniques with the Animal Communication is a natural combination.  Your animals can tell me exactly where they hurt, and how they feel.  Results are measured  by your animal’s behavior, attitude and physical movements following the session.  Just as with people, a series of sessions might be required.  I  can also teach you simple techniques that will prove to be helpful for your animal companion.

I hope you will enjoy your visit and that I will be able to shed some Light on the exciting world of Animal Communication and Holistic Alternative Health Care and Energy Medicine.   To quo
te Dr. Mehmet Oz, "Reiki, Touch Therapy and prayer are all energy, and the next big frontier is Energy Medicine." I love sharing what I've learned and how it can help you and your animals on your life journey. 

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Janolyn Moore of Golden Energy Radio Network.  Listen to a two-part interview by clicking here for Part One, and click here for Part Two.   In part one I talk about Reiki for our Animals, and how it can help our animals.  In part two I share information on Animal Communication, and how I do it.  I give a six-step procedure that you can try with your animal.   

Missy Age 3 - 1995

Ginger Age 8 - 2008

Britney Age 3 - 2010

Pollee  Age 1 1/2
Christmas 2011

My Website is dedicated
In Memory and In Honor of my Springer Spaniels

I have dedicated my volunteer work with English Springer Spaniel Rescue America (E.S.R.A.) in Memory of my Springer  Spaniel Angels, Missy, Ginger, and Britney. 

 I rescued Missy from the East Valley Shelter in the San Fernando Valley in 1992.  When I saw her, she was the only dog paying attention to me.  She called to me, making eye contact with me while I was still three cages away.   “Please take me home, I  promise I’ll be good! Please, please take me home.”  The whole time her little butt was wiggling as she was trying to contain her excitement.  She knew I'd heard her.  We were the best of friends for 12 years! 

She passed into spirit in 2004.  A form of cancer called Multiple Myloma took her.  Missy never knew she was supposed to be “sick”. During her 18 month battle with cancer Missy was always excited to go camping, have visitors come to the house, and to help me teach Reiki classes.  She was a real Reiki Angel.  She loved it and couldn’t wait for her turn on the healing table!  Missy earned her Angel Wings long before she left us at the age of 14. 

Ginger  was an ESRA rescue that I adopted in January 2005.  She was my Demo Dog when I would teach classes and Ginger is the dog that helped me hone my Animal Communication skills for professional use.   Ginger loved Reiki and is still my teacher in Spirit when it comes to working with animals.  

Unfortunately Ginger contracted an auto-immune disease at the age of 8 years old passing into spirit in 2008.  She passed suddenly and unexpectedly.  My heart was broken when she got her Angel wings. 

Britney was another ESRA failed foster.  I adopted her  in September 2008.  Unfortunately abused in her prior life, she never learned  to trust strangers' hands.    Reiki helped her, but she never got to be my Reiki  Demo Dog. Many health issues took her from us in Sept 2015.  I miss her so much.  Rest well my Angel.

In October 2011 we adopted Pollee.  A little Cocker Spaniel, a year and a half old.  Britney and Pollee became best friends instantly.  Pollee let me know she could be my "Demo Dog".  So, I look forward to working with her.  As an only dog in the house now Pollee is getting to have so many new adventures and loves the Reiki.  


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